Sarokin Consulting provides strategic consultation to businesses in the healthcare sector, including domestic and global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

With expertise across multiple disciplines, we provide a broad perspective through which we address research, development, marketing, and business needs. We design, manage, and implement qualitative, quantitative, and secondary studies that are tailored to your project objectives. Our research studies include, but are not limited to:

  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Target product profile evaluation
  • Validation of positioning platforms, messaging, scientific statements, mechanisms of action, detail aids, and other supporting materials
  • Isolation of customer segments and targeted strategies
  • Evaluation of licensing opportunities
  • Due diligence inquiries

Based on rigorous analysis of the data, we develop comprehensive reports that review findings and detail actionable steps.


Dr. Laura Sarokin

Laura founded Sarokin Consulting in 2008. Working with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other healthcare companies for over 20 years, Laura has vast experience in research, product development and launches, portfolio management, due diligence inquiries, market analyses, and business and organizational development. Laura meticulously researches and critically evaluates information to develop tailored recommendations that advance the success of her clients.

Laura holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in Genetics and Development and conducted post-doctoral research at The Rockefeller University in NYC.